2016 EMDM-A Strategic Board Summary


            Dear EMDM Alumni,

We are glad to present to you a small summary on what has been achieved during the last 2 years. Let us also remind you that we are planning on continuing to work and serve the EMDM and its Alumni for the next two years to come.

                    Please join us, be visible, be active!

                                   Yours very sincerely,

Jens Bickelmayer
President, EMDM Alumni Association

On behalf of the strategic board :
Jens Bickelmayer
Tom Schmitz
Luca Ragazzoni
Robert Wunderlich
Barry Lynam
Trevor Jain
Annett Allenyo
Laurie Mazurik



Our Objectives:
• To promote disaster medicine
• To establish a network of qualified professionals
• To provide a forum for research in all aspects of disaster medicine
• To provide effective communication between the EMDM and its Alumni, by keeping our   Members informed on EMDM matters and to assist in maintaining the educational tradition and spirit of theEMDM
• To provide information on the achievements and activities of the Alumni of theEMDM.

What did we achieve?

1. Increased Visibility:
• New website setup
• Presence on FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress and via MailChimp.
• New corporate identity & Logo.

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-28 a las 13.06.13

2. New Alumni Database:
• We can now contact most Alumni and keep them
updated on what is going on (if you know anyone that might be disconnected PLEASE ask them ton contact us at emdmalumni@gmail.com)

3. Promotion of DM in the medical curriculum (at a graduate level):
• See our 2 posts on Novara IFMSA together with CRIMEDIM, Malta and Berlin Charité. We had great fun!

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But not all is that easy, we all have our day jobs but we are happy to volunteer for a greater project. It is always honest to mention that we have also gone through some bumps along the way that have made us reflect and made us better. Some of these important decision-making took place precisely in Vienna during the EuSEM 2016. What follows are the minutes taken during the meeting. For the sake of transparency it has become our policy to let our members know about what happens in the backstage so we can share our difficulties and our successes. If you read it carefully you might find some surprises on what is to come…

EMDM Alumni Meeting
Vienna, October 3rd 2016

Barry Lynam (Communications)
Micheal Spitiri (Secretary)
Tom Schmitz (Vice President)
Robert Wunderlich (Treasurer)

I. Greetings from the President Jens Bickelmayer
Review of the Purpose of EMDM-Alumni from the bylaws

II. Review of Agenda (Bickelmayer)

III. Review of last years activity of strategic board
A. Met to focus on training of undergraduate students in disaster medicine
1. Alumni will be trained as trainers to provide local training

B Review of objectives of the strategic board

C. What did we achieve?
1. New website
2. New blog on wordpress
3. Renewal or corporate identity. Future will adapt to new logo
4. Alumni database
5. First TDMT course Novara
6. IFMSA course Malta
7. First disaster medicine course in medical curriculum Berlin Charité
8. Second TDMT Course Novara

IV. Communication of Activity Report
A. Twitter, Mailchimp, Facebook

V. Treasurers Report: Expenses include only air fair for EMDM-Strategic board
members for flights to give courses.


VI. Motion: Proposal from EMDM strategic committee to create an EDMD-Alumni tracker tool. The tool is a web based tool that will enable EMDM alumni to communicate with each other worldwide. The strategic committee requests permission to spend approximately €2500 initially and approx €250.00 per year subsequently. President Jens Bickelmayer presented the business case.

VII. Motion: The term for the next elected officers be reduced to one year. (Mazurik)

VIII. Motion: That the PR / Conference collaboration committee be split to be a PR
committee and separate Conference collaboration committee (Mazurik). Passed.

IX. Nomination: Laurie Mauzurik was nominated for the new position of Conference
Collaboration. (WELCOME LAURIE!)

X. Election: As there was only a single nomination for each position, all positions were
awarded by acclamation.
A. President – Jens Bickelmayer
B. Vice President – Tom Schmitz
C. General Secretary – Michal Spiteri
D. Treasurer – Robert Wunderlich
E. Academic and Research Center – Luca Raggazoni
F. International Collaboration – Annet Alenyo
G. Professional Development – Trevor Jain
H. Public Relations – Barry Lynam
I. Conference Collaboration – Laurie Mazurik

XI. Information: Ives Hubloue. Review of the new strategic directions of the EMDM.
1. President’s report (slides)
2. Treasurers report (pdf)
3. Proposal: EMDM-Alumni Tracker (pdf)

Jeffrey Franc
Vienna, October 3rd 2016

– Many thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Franc for his collaboration –

As you can see our team has been very busy increasing DM awareness, especially with the younger generation, we have forged new and stronger ties with leading institutions and we’ve put EMDM-AA back “on-line”. It is the first time an EMDM-AA council has launched so many projects within a two year period. We are very proud and we would like to make you all participants of our good spirit.

Please join us, be visible, be active!

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Welcome New EMDM-Alumni 2016

IMG_3500.JPGDiploma delivery in EuSEM Vienna 2016.

This welcome message is obviously extensive to all those that couldn’t make it to the ceremony. Let us remind you that you all have our support and we would like to encourage you to engage with us and share any ideas via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or email.

Our warmest welcome,

The President & Strategic Board of the EMDM-Alumni Association.

We did it again! Innovation 3: Malta

On the 29th of February 2016, Malta hosted the IFMSA MedStudents pre-GA course in Disaster Management. The aim of this course was bringing different players from varied organisations so that together they trained for, planed and executed a medical response to a fictitious mass casualty incident.


Over the first few days lecturers headed by an EMDM-A representative provided the theoretical and table top training for the candidates. The aim of this session was to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of those present.

At the end of this session, the candidates were presented with a fictitious scenario, which involved the simulated evacuation of a number of casualties off a cruise ship. The whole exercise was developed and monitored by EMDM-A board members together with leading pre-hospital agencies on the island.


During the actual simulation, candidates joined local responders and were given the opportunity to test and refine their skills on a number of stations which included forward medical response, command and control, running of a triage and advanced medical post.


The event proved to be a huge success for both candidates and local agencies. Apart from enhancing the knowledge level of the students, it also allowed for the forging of new contacts and relationships.

IMG_0959 (1).JPG

EMDM-AA Strategic Board Meeting

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Dear EMDMers,

We are pleased to finally publish the minutes summary of the EMDM Alumni Association Strategic Board’s meeting that took place in Berlin this summer. This is briefly details what has been achieved and what we are willing to continue to work on during the next period. More news and updates to come soon!

We hope it is of your interest,

                         The President & Strategic Board Committee.


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Innovation 2: First Disaster Course in Medical Curriculum in Berlin

Dear EMDM Alumni,

We are very proud to inform you all about our latest teaching experience in collaboration with the Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin. Being one of the largest  and oldest University Hospitals in Europe, dating back to 1710AD, this faculty of medicine works both with the Humboldt University and the Freie Universität Berlin.

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-24 a las 18.50.33

The complete course on Operational and Disaster Medicine took place between 11th of July and the 3rd of August 2016 and was co-organized by our current president Jens Bickelmayer and the following entities:

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-24 a las 18.54.09

The select group of 16 students (almost 100 applications were received) were not only taught in classes and seminars (Dr. Spiteri. Dr. Lynam & other local faculty) about all the aspects of Disaster Medicine, but were also immersed in many different exercises like Virtual Reality (by the hand of Dr. Ragazzoni) and tabletop games (Dr. Schmitz & Dr. Wunderlich) to enhance logistics awareness.

As one of our Association’s goals is to work for the implementation of Disaster Medicine as part of the medical students’ curriculum, this experience (like last year’s in Novara) came through to students as a breath of fresh air.


The experience was wonderful from our teaching point of view and the students were really enthusiastic, collaborative and ultimately having fun. Its seems like we have a new academic partner to continue working with!

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EuSEM Torino 2015 (2)

Dear EMDMers,

EuSEM 2015 Confrence Congress is about to formally begin (some preConf work has already been done) so I have taken the liberty to create this document for the benefit of EMDM-Alumni, so that interesting Highlights don’t go under the radar.Captura de pantalla 2015-10-08 a las 11.20.29Please check the pdf: EMDMA Activites Torino2015(2). And remember, if you want to join us at the EMDM-Alumni Pizza Dinner you must confirm the reservation (link was emailed and can be found in the Facebook group too.

Have a nice Sunday and enjoy the Congress!

EuSEM Torino 2015

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-05 a las 10.59.56

Dear All,

EuSEM Torino 2015 is pretty near (http://www.eusemcongress.org/en/). For this reason we have sent you all an email with some details on what EMDM Alumni Highlights will be going on.

I have had some trouble contacting some of our past EMDM promotions colleagues as many email addresses haven’t been updated. If you haven’t received ‘the email’ or know of an EMDM peer that hasn’t, please let me know and give me updated email addresses so we can be in touch.

There are some other programmed activities during our stay in Italy, but we are waiting for specifics before we inform you.

More updates will come!

Warm regards,

Jens Bickelmayer & Strategic Board of EMDM-AA.


 Also follow us for updates at: 

  • Twitter: @emdmalumni 
  • Facebook: European Master in Disaster Medicine (ask for invite) 
  • LinkedIn: European Master in Disaster Medicine (ask for invite, specify EMDM edition please!)

Innovation: First TdmT MedStudent Course by IMFSA, CRIMEDIM & EMDM-A

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This past week, the first “Training disaster medicine Trainers” course for IFMSA medical students from all over the world took place in Novara (Italy). This is an important international project of innovation as it is the first of its kind (and definitely not the last!).

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 9.09.29

According to IFMSA, the aim of this project is “to create generations of graduating physicians aware of the different problematics involved in disaster preparedness and response and willing to engage in the process of the professionalization of disaster management and humanitarian assistance.

     Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 11.39.07    Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 11.41.52

From the EMDM-Alumni perspective, our main objective is that students become aware of disasters, the risks, preparation and response mechanisms. The topics treated included Hazard & Risk Assessment, Disaster Management, Incident Command System and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies among many other discussions. Simulations on XVR and other types of exercises were also undertaken to stimulate decision-making. We believe the students have been given a global perspective at all levels of Disaster Medicine apart from enjoying the more social side of the course.

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-14 a las 11.36.33

It was a pleasure to share time with our friends from Austria, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Mexico, Portugal, USA, Slovenia, Sudan and Sweden. As we announced ‘in situ’, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like some extra information or you would like to organize a course in your home universities.

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We are also looking forward to collaborating with IFMSA again soon as we believe in investing in our future medical professionals. For more information on this event please check:


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¡Hello World!

We are very pleased to introduce The EMDM-Alumni Association’s new webpage. It has been created with the sole purpose of facilitating communications and making it easier to update everyone on future events and projects.

Our organization has been revitalizing since EUSEM-2014 in Amsterdam where a completely new council was elected. Our whole orchestra is being leaded by Dr. J. Bickelmayer as President.

Soon we will update you with news and courses arriving this September. You can also follow EMDM-A on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.

To all of you EMDMers around the world: WELCOME!